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TV Couch Commandos Intruders | Podcast EP008
30 Sep 2014 @ 12:12 pm

Episode Notes:

This weeks Couch Commandos 

News includes talk of a female lead ‘24? show, the Teen Titans coming to the small screen lead by Robin the Boy Wonder, Which turns to talk of why DC comics are outsourcing all of their character’s shows to other networks. Is this a shrewd strategy by DC or will this become an issue as it has for Marvel. Theres Flash news with casting of Amanda Pays and rumours of Captain Boomerang coming to the show. Spector joins Constantine and the WB are looking into a Sandman Lucifer show. Over in the Marvel camp Scott Glenn joins the cast of Daredevil and James Darcy joins Agent Carter.
This week’s TV winners and sinners are BBC America’s body-squating Intruders with John Simm and Mira Sorvino. Can we make sense of it and will we stick it out. Talk turns to a return to Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain. 10 episodes in and with major spoilers does Mrs deadvinyl still approve of the show. The talk turn low brow with sy-fi’s Z Nation. Will this Asylum made zombie drama provide the much needed undead stop gap while Walking Dead is away or is it dead man walking into TV exile. Finally we finish with ‘Listen’ the latest Doctor Who episode. Writer Moffat said that this Doctor would answer more questions than pose them, but is this the case after this return to old school hiding behind the sofa chiller of an episode. 
What are your thoughts on the shows we talked about? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments at the Couch Commando page at Nerdbong.com

Presented by @deadvinyl and @themancalledmrx members of the nerdbongnetwork.

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