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Let's Talk Dangly Things
30 Jan 2015 @ 03:13 am

Episode Notes:

A packed episode this week: First, we talk about the “New” versions of lots of places, then I confess to over-thinking the way to say a colleague's name. Then, I compare the British “Wagon Wheel” to the American “Moon Pie.” This leads to the Creme Egg fuss currently going on, and the introduction of the Starbucks “Flat White.” Finally, we address the confusion in the U.S. about the names of cable cars (or trams, or gondolas, or sky carts, or whatever the hell they are.)

Some links: the gaming video we watch is here, and the Starbucks “Flat White” commercial is here (and tell me that doesn't look delicious!)

Hong Kong Tram Hong Kong Peak Tram San Fran Trolley L.A. Angels Flight Universal Studios Tram Venice Gondola


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