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Episode 205 – Nevermind
12 Nov 2017 @ 03:05 am

This episode of the Anywhere But Here podcast sees Ant take a proactive step to helping with mental health in his place of work as well as signing up for the Brighton Marathon in 2018. Tom on the other hand spent half of this weekend in Hoxton, Shoreditch and Covent Garden joining in with the hipsters of East London, playing shuffleboard and drinking in quirky bars. Both Ant and Tom have now seen Thor: Ragnarok and talk about it in non-spoilery terms, however there will be a spoilercast! During the conversation both the sex scandals in UK politics and Hollywood come up as well as a delve into the Paradise Papers tax avoidance scandal. Lots of scandal and much more on this episode... enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 204 – The Sound of Silence
29 Oct 2017 @ 04:06 am

Ant and Tom are back after what seems like ages to them, but is the regular two-week interval for you guys. Tom's been all over the place with work including watching the Bloodhound land speed record contender do it's test runs. Ant went to his first ever convention, Rooster Teeth's RTX in London where he inadvertently made friends with a vlogger and got to see one of his favourite podcasts live as well as meet the makers. The conversation turns to charitable things as the guys have both seen things that make them wonder if more could be done to help either people with mental health issues or the homeless. As usual, there's also some strange news items and chats about the latest TV and film including Bladerunner 2049, Stranger Things 2, Rick and Morty and Star Trek Discovery as well as looking forward to Thor Ragnarok, The Death of Stalin and Star Wars The Last Jedi. Enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 203 – On ‘Sunday Morning’ with @songoftheoss
15 Oct 2017 @ 03:00 am

On this episode of the Anywhere But Here Podcast, Ant and Tom are joined by Ande Case, a writer and producer of independent films. The most recent, a horror inflected short film called 'Sunday Morning' was released recently, so he joined the guys to talk about the challenges and rewards of indie filmmaking among other topics. Enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 202 – Spoilercast: Spider-Man: Homecoming
1 Oct 2017 @ 03:00 am

As per every spoilercast, this spoilercast is about Spider-Man: Homecoming. There will be spoilers. If you've not seen this film and don't want it spoiled then don't listen... until you've seen it... and then come back. Enjoy! Find us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - E-mail -

Episode 201 – HELP!
17 Sep 2017 @ 04:22 am

Ant and Tom are back after the highs of Episode 200 to talk about the #PodPals BBQ they went to with Scott and Charlie from the Stinking Pause Podcast and Smokey from Rated H, hosted by Adam from Attaboy Clarence and the Secret Histories of Hollywood. A wonderful time was had by all and even though it was a 12 hour marathon of a meet up we weren't made to feel like we'd over stayed our welcome. The guys then get into the nitty-gritty of podcasting, Tom talks about re-watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the diminishing returns films like this can have, Ant saw It in the cinema and gives a non-spoilery review, as well as more non-spoilery reviews of  Marvel's latest Netflix series,  The Defenders and the now quite old video game, Life is Strange. Ant has a list of different variations of bug names from around the country and indeed the world and Tom brings news of a funeral home that turned a street into a literal bloodbath. The guys' love for Elon Musk and the wonder of spaceflight including a chat about the Cassini mission that recently came to a head. Enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 200 – With @M3JCNV & @WeeklyGeekSpeak
3 Sep 2017 @ 07:37 am

The Anywhere But Here Podcast has reached it's 200th episode, so Ant and Tom decided to have a few guests on that they have somehow overlooked or previously promised. The first half of the episode features Andrew Bartlett who has taken a break from podcasting for a while, but is still working on things. On this part of the episode the guys talk Doctor Who, work, books and Terry Pratchett's last wishes. The second half of the episode features Andrew, Scott and Steve from the Weekly Geek Speak Podcast. For reasons that escape all of them (mainly politeness and forgetfulness) these two shows have never crossed over. It looked like it would never happen either, but it seems the WGS lads are going to get it together again and record at least one more episode and possibly more. In this part of the show there's a special 'Bumpy Goose' story and the return of 'Coffee Table Movie Quiz, along with a load of chat. Here's to the next 200 hundred episodes and the resurrection of the PodPals! Enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 199 – Dear David
20 Aug 2017 @ 05:00 am

Since the last episode the Anywhere But Here podcast has joined two podcast networks, Abnormal Entertainment and the Brit Pod Scene. Ant and Tom were both out last night, but are both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to bring you talk on driving etiquette, a different type of ghost compared to last week, a Celebrity Big Brother update including a section on mental health due to what's happening with some of the contestants, MTV bringing back TRL and Unplugged and what the most requested sex doll that the manufacturers can't make for you. All this and more on this episode of the Anywhere But Here podcast. Enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 198 – The Ghosts of the Podcasting World
6 Aug 2017 @ 09:07 am

This episode of the Anywhere But Here Podcast is a rambling one, so strap yourselves in! The guys start off by discussing how long is too long to email someone back about a request to do with joining a podcast network, which leads to the fact that Ant and Tom are sometimes terrible at getting back to people. Including each other. Tom went on holiday and shares some stories about Holland and the Frisian Islands in particular, which also progresses to a long discussion about languages and how certain words or phases have evolved. Tom also played a gig with the covers band he joined recently. It was in the drummer's back garden where there was a makeshift bar which prompted a chat between the guys about home ownership and random projects around the house... which may be really boring. But, stay til the end because they cover Celebrity Big Brother because Tom's Uncle is in it. Also, if you've got any ideas about what we can do for the 200th episode (please) let us know(!) by contacting us on the links below. Enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 197 – We Need To Talk
23 Jul 2017 @ 03:52 am

In this week's show Ant and Tom talk about a bunch of stuff. Ant and his Dad went to the Star Wars Identities exhibition in London and became a fighter pilot with The Force, ComicCon and D23 have happened , so there's various trailers for films and TV shows to talk about. Pokemon Go is still a thing, so much so that a weekend long festival in Chicago has been suffering from huge glitches and unhappy Pokemon Trainers not being able to take part in raids and other events the organisers have set up. We also hear about the 52-year-old British man who is still playing the game for four hours a day. Classic British game show, The Generation Game is coming back with Bake Off's Mel and Sue presenting, which sparks some excitement among the boys. Finally, mental health is covered after the tragic deaths of Chris Cornell, YouTuber Stevie Ryan and most recently Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -

Episode 196 – London Pride
9 Jul 2017 @ 03:30 am

Ant and Tome are back for the first time in a month and so have a lot to talk about including driving through London, seeing Idina Menzel play at the Royal Albert Hall, attending a sci-fi exhibition, Gay Pride and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Other topics include vloggers from the US filming a dangerous 'prank' with a gun that went catastrophically wrong, a man finding out it's cheaper to travel from Newcastle to London via Menorca by plane than direct by train, and a new UK-based terrorist organisation known as the Cornish Republican Army beginning to threaten the businesses and homes of rich people from outside of Cornwall... they even have a member willing to sacrifice her life for 'the cause'. Are they a real threat, or just a bunch of yokels shouting "GET OFF MY LAND!" Enjoy! Get in touch with us: Twitter - @abhpod Facebook - Youtube -