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Podshambles 50 (Part Two): Waft Check
31 Mar 2017 @ 06:40 am

What's a couple of Pods between Casts, eh? We're all Shamblebuddies here. THIS TIME: Paddy & Laurie (the human equivalents of Restless Leg Syndrome) embark on a Choose Your Own Adventure concocted by our very own Wing Commander Havelock, which puts Paddy in the seat of...well...being Laurie for a day. TURNS OUT IT'S REALLY DIFFICULT and Paddy is a large part of that difficulty. There may also be a few returning characters from own dark and shadowed past that you may (or more likely may not) be happy to see back in our proverbial ear-saddle. Here lies the end of our 50 episode extravaganza. Light up your novelty candles, blow your questionable trumpets and dance the dance of a thousand ducks - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 50 (Part One): Whatever's In The Fridge
11 Mar 2017 @ 05:12 am

And finally, the Poducers of the show would like the give a huge thank you to the Cast. Without them, this whole Shambledisaster would not be possible. Give it up for them! *RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE AND MANY MEDALS* THIS TIME: It's our 50th birthday (or something) we're hitting the true bucket list - 50 Things To Do Before You're 50. It's mega. Will Laurie find Marilyn Monroe's ashes? Will Paddy find and burn a Monarch? And will the star-crossed Shamblers EVER make it to the market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala? Find flimsy answers to these questions and more in PART ONE of our mega-special-episode! Alert the town crier, sound the alarm, and fight your way onto live television to spread the word - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 49: Snake People
6 Feb 2017 @ 03:25 am

The Podgy little Shameblepigs have created a Casterpiece in the form of a Podcast (or so our sources say). Prepare your butts (/ears). THIS TIME: Paddy gets real about the application of baboons in animal warfare, Laurie gets super real about the fallibility of human memory, and a conversation about whether or not one quarter of the population are in fact Snake People gets way, way too real. Viva your La Vidas, stop Holla-ing back girl, and for once in your life Dream a Little Dream of Me - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 48: Christmas In The Pub
25 Dec 2016 @ 02:40 am

Cast! The Herald Angels Sing - Glory To The Shamble King(s). After all - it came uPOD a midnight clear (that one was tough but hey it’s Christmas so…fine). Once again, as is tradition, it is CHRISTMAS. Thus we bring you a very special festive Podshambles LIVE from a pub. Recorded in Oxford in between Laurie’s rampant shopping and Paddy’s maniacal gigging, we present to you a conversation between two best friends in a pub at Christmas. Paddy confuses fishermen with carpenters for ages, Laurie explains the difference between 'cooking' and 'burning', and we introduce our brand new holiday which may or may not be entirely based on the mythology of Joan Cusack (praise be unto her). Wrap your Christingles, drug Gran’s sherry, and relentlessly feed each other pudding - it’s Podshambles 48. WE HOPE YULE-IKE IT. YOU LIKE IT. YULE. GET IT.

Podshambles 47: The Small Council
28 Nov 2016 @ 10:05 am

The Shamblexam results are back from the Poderators. Congratulations - you Cast. Now you can finally follow your dreams and become a qualified cannon instructor. What happens in this episode? WELL LET ME TELL YOU. Laurie manages to read Glamour magazine for a surprisingly long time, Paddy is faced with his last day on Earth, Laurie then considers moving to Berlin and Paddy decides that most of his important memories are just about Babe: Pig In The City. Also featuring a guest appearance from everyone's favourite miniature government - The Small Council. Pour yourself a Guinness, then poison it, then give it Awful Peter - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 46: Weasel Wiggle
7 Nov 2016 @ 05:13 am

Pod guys always finish Cast in the Shamblerace of Life. From now until the end of days - we accept our fate. This time in glorified audio-mess world: Paddy recalls the true meaning of Bonfire Night, Laurie is awkward at parties and the pair of hapless dreamers discuss who will win the dystopian future tech war. Will it be Frenguins? Or will it be BroBots? You decide (you don't get to decide). Pry open your coffins, set fire to the rain and snuggle into your nests - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 45: A Stitch In Time Will Kill You
4 Oct 2016 @ 04:03 am

Mind your Shamblepockets, as the Castful Podger is on the loose and oh boy does he loves rifling. Yes, it's an Oliver reference. Hooray. Paddy makes a life-changing discovery based on a certain American Hip-Hop artist, Laurie delves into the brand new works of a certain Little Wychwell based author, and the bingbongbuddies get a little misty eyed when talking about death. Oh and there's a gooseboat. Poach those eggs, pearl that wisdom and run into oncoming traffic - It's Podshambles.

Podshambles 44: Give Us Frubes
18 Aug 2016 @ 04:37 am

Arrest those men and place them in Podtective Castody THIS INSTANT. The two Shamblurais are back this week with a bag full of home cooked goodies. Laurie finally gets to meet Ponyo (the lasagne blacksmith) in Choose Your Own Adventure, Paddy pitches his genetic pug/duck splice, and who would have guessed we'd end up arguing over the value of making aeroplane noises whilst running. Shuffle awkwardly, shimmy alluringly and waggle like there's no need for waggling - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 43: 100% Physical Intensity
2 Aug 2016 @ 03:00 am

Let's step up to the Podium and broadCast this mess, eh? The Shambled-Eggs (Paddy & Laurie // egg friends 4 life) bring you this special bulletin (episode 43) and phwowsers it's a dingaling. In this instalment: Laurie weighs up whether or not goats are our new best friends, Paddy eats six fabs and is continually surprised by horses, and the two cherubic wangers face off against Harkson, Mammond & Clay - three men who are definitely not based on the former cast of Top Gear. Throw caution to the wind, flail wildly. and die inside - it's Podshambles 43.

Podshambles 42: Woops! There Go My Genitals
6 Jul 2016 @ 10:19 am

Bread and butter Podding please - and don't hold back on the Castard! Immediate edit: I'm convinced this counts as a pun. C'mon guys it's been 42 episodes and I have to be honest I am running on empty when it comes to puns that contain rhymes for both Pod and Cast. The Shambiblical prophets return with word of a podcast. Be prepared for Paddy's new game 'Where's Dad?', get ready for Laurie/Flagon's new friend Russo Alicante, and hold onto your butts for the weirdest game of Would You Rather you are likely to hear this week/lifetime/butts. Lick your fingers, remember your regrets and cry into your casserole - it's Podshambles.