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Podshambles 56: The Dane Bane
12 Dec 2017 @ 02:02 am

Welcome to the Shamblerace. Wanna go Caster? Jump on my Hot Pod. Then we can win the race and save the community centre or something equally underdoggish.

THIS TIME: After another unintentional hiatus - Podshambles returns with even more fleek (am I using that right?). Paddy has discovered Gilmore Girls and it's quite literally thrown his life into disarray, Laurie is unimpressed with Faraway Phil, and the under-appreciated duo finally take aim at those that deserve it most - Brewdog.

Is Laurie a conspiracy theorist? Will Paddy manage to launch whatsthecommotion-suntanlotion.com? Are you going to leave us reviews?

The answers to all these questions are contained within - Podshambles 56.

Podshambles 55: My Dad Kills Boys
22 Sep 2017 @ 03:15 am

"How do you like your Pod in the morning? I like mine with a Cast. Shambled or fried? I'm satisfied as long as I get my Cast." THIS TIME: Crow Boy is back. When did he leave? Who is he? Never you mind, he's back and that's all that matters. Laurie disapproves of Dave Grohl's Catholicism, Paddy faces a morale quandary with a naughty sexwizard, and the pair of Shamblepiglets are pitted against each other in brand new section 'Character Assassination'. Is Laurie lying about janitors? Is Paddy really just Crow Boy? Will you review us on iTunes? Find out - deep inside Podshambles. #PaddyPodAss // #LozzPodAss

Podshambles 54: Weasel War Dance
17 Aug 2017 @ 11:06 am

Punch in the shamble-codes, lock on to Podsville, and fire all missiles - it's Podshambles and it's WAR. This week, Paddy and Laurie are acting like goats - so climbing up into rare Moroccan trees to spit seeds at passers by. Paddy is back from holidays to Europe - remember that place? - and has some boozy boner stories, while Laurie just simply won't believe any of it. We've also time to check in with everyone's favourite fictional mountain elf, Melvin, as he dances with weasel-wolves, enjoys some murder porn and maybe levels up. Does Paddy understand what an orange is? Is there any hope for Laurie's schooning school? Will Melvin ever level up? Find out this week on....Podshambles. Yeah.

Podshambles 53: Platypus Havoc
17 Jul 2017 @ 11:15 am

The ONLY place on the internet where you can hear 100% official MC Funky Bantam coverage, all day, all the time, ALL PODSHAMBLES. On this week's perfectly spherical pod, Laurie's got some stupid stories about dating, pants and sex pests, some of which may have been made up, Paddy's off to Spain to bother the locals and steal iberico ham by the truckload, and Melvin the Melf continues his yak-based adventures. Should you watch porn on the tube? What kind of sandpaper is the best to wipe your butt with? Will Blind Belinda escape the evil designs of some large weasels? This and many more questions remain POSSIBLY UNANSWERED on the Nation's Favourite Bullshit Podcast - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 52: Deep Resentment
26 Jun 2017 @ 07:53 am

We've hit the Shamblegym, but which Podybuilder will be the Cast man standing? THIS TIME: Laurie takes command as Dungeon Master, introducing Melvin the Melf into a whole new Choose Your Own Adventure chapter, Paddy is overthrown as MP of Shambles West, and we get to bamboozling with a whole new edition of Riddle-Me-Ree These Stories Three. WITH BRAND NEW JINGLES. Will Laurie betray sex for Pokemon? Will Paddy tame the yak? How long can two people talk about buses? Find out now - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 51: Gull Panic
11 May 2017 @ 11:00 am

The Podcows aren't being put out to Casture just yet! There's plenty more audio-milk in these Shambleteets. THIS TIME: Laurie rolls the dice on the world of board games, Paddy learns some new words and uses them semi-correctly, and we take another crack at the surprisingly well-received Storytelling Challenge - back by popular demand. Is Laurie's Dad pro-skater Tony Hawk? Is Paddy a qualified horseback archer? How many gulls is too many gulls? Find out now - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 50 (Part Two): Waft Check
31 Mar 2017 @ 06:40 am

What's a couple of Pods between Casts, eh? We're all Shamblebuddies here. THIS TIME: Paddy & Laurie (the human equivalents of Restless Leg Syndrome) embark on a Choose Your Own Adventure concocted by our very own Wing Commander Havelock, which puts Paddy in the seat of...well...being Laurie for a day. TURNS OUT IT'S REALLY DIFFICULT and Paddy is a large part of that difficulty. There may also be a few returning characters from own dark and shadowed past that you may (or more likely may not) be happy to see back in our proverbial ear-saddle. Here lies the end of our 50 episode extravaganza. Light up your novelty candles, blow your questionable trumpets and dance the dance of a thousand ducks - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 50 (Part One): Whatever's In The Fridge
11 Mar 2017 @ 05:12 am

And finally, the Poducers of the show would like the give a huge thank you to the Cast. Without them, this whole Shambledisaster would not be possible. Give it up for them! *RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE AND MANY MEDALS* THIS TIME: It's our 50th birthday (or something) we're hitting the true bucket list - 50 Things To Do Before You're 50. It's mega. Will Laurie find Marilyn Monroe's ashes? Will Paddy find and burn a Monarch? And will the star-crossed Shamblers EVER make it to the market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala? Find flimsy answers to these questions and more in PART ONE of our mega-special-episode! Alert the town crier, sound the alarm, and fight your way onto live television to spread the word - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 49: Snake People
6 Feb 2017 @ 03:25 am

The Podgy little Shameblepigs have created a Casterpiece in the form of a Podcast (or so our sources say). Prepare your butts (/ears). THIS TIME: Paddy gets real about the application of baboons in animal warfare, Laurie gets super real about the fallibility of human memory, and a conversation about whether or not one quarter of the population are in fact Snake People gets way, way too real. Viva your La Vidas, stop Holla-ing back girl, and for once in your life Dream a Little Dream of Me - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 48: Christmas In The Pub
25 Dec 2016 @ 02:40 am

Cast! The Herald Angels Sing - Glory To The Shamble King(s). After all - it came uPOD a midnight clear (that one was tough but hey it’s Christmas so…fine). Once again, as is tradition, it is CHRISTMAS. Thus we bring you a very special festive Podshambles LIVE from a pub. Recorded in Oxford in between Laurie’s rampant shopping and Paddy’s maniacal gigging, we present to you a conversation between two best friends in a pub at Christmas. Paddy confuses fishermen with carpenters for ages, Laurie explains the difference between 'cooking' and 'burning', and we introduce our brand new holiday which may or may not be entirely based on the mythology of Joan Cusack (praise be unto her). Wrap your Christingles, drug Gran’s sherry, and relentlessly feed each other pudding - it’s Podshambles 48. WE HOPE YULE-IKE IT. YOU LIKE IT. YULE. GET IT.