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410 Chatting about the Oldman
13 Mar 2018 @ 05:00 am

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @bag0rats) and Stu ( @cryptictadpole ) gather to chat Oscars, movies, and Gary Oldman, oh and a whole load of other unscripted stuff.

409 The Movie Show ft Trish n Sacha
12 Mar 2018 @ 05:00 am

Film Producer Patricia Rybarczyk & Director Sacha Bennett take a virtual seat on the frompage2screen sofa to talk not only about their latest film Tango One, but filmmaking in general, and as always with a frompage2screen podcast, its not too heavy on the technicalities and super relaxed and informal. I had such a fun time chatting with these 2 creative souls and im sure youll have fun listening to their tales. Tango One hits selected theatres on March 19th and is also released on disc that same day. Stuart:- @frompage2screen Patricia: @trish_ster Sacha : @sachabennett #tangoone

408 Beware the hype and ignore the slander
4 Mar 2018 @ 06:00 am

Bob ( @Bag0rats) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) gather to chat about film it good or bad and what films get hurt in the crossfire. We also chat about what we have watched since we last chatted and life in general. All good fun.

407 Talking Ridley
26 Feb 2018 @ 06:00 am

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @Bag0rats) and Stu ( @cryptictadpole ) and guest Stuart ( @Leytonrocks) gather to talk about their favourite Ridley Scott films, and also life in general. We also go through some of the films we love but have only watched once, as well as those films we never tire of rewatching.

406 Going Back To Our Roots
18 Feb 2018 @ 06:00 am

Episode 406 of The Movie Show has its ups and its down, beginning with some sad news coming out of movie podcast The Hollywood Outsider, and then covering a range of topics including gun control, and how to fix it. But its movie talk time and Bob( @bag0rats ) and Stuart ( @frompag2screen ) discuss what films sum up their own childhood, as well as go through what films they have watched since the last show. This episode is dedicated to fellow podcaster and film geek Justin Macumber.

405 That 70s Movie Episode
11 Feb 2018 @ 06:00 am

Bob ( @bago0rats ) & Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) gather again for the evening to chat about what they have watched (or NOT as the case for Bob may be) but then delve into this weeks topic. 'What 70s films should people rewatch that they might have forgotten about) And in this episode we set @merlange some homework for next weeks podcast episode. Please also check out and subscribe to our youtube channel and check out our site at

404 The Not So Seven Year Itch
4 Feb 2018 @ 06:00 am

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob ( @Bag0Rats) join together again for this near 7 year anniversary of the podcast. We cover the films we have been watching a few topics here and there, but hey this is mainly a show where two film fanatic friends have a chat and watch movies to keep you all entertained (hope we succeed) Many thanks to all those who have kept with me over the past 7 years of podcasting, and please do fire your feedback over to me at or Twitter Me at @frompage2screen. All feedback is welcome, especially its its positive :)

403 Getting Into that DailyMotion
29 Jan 2018 @ 06:00 am

Bob ( @bag0rats) , Stu (@cryptictadpole) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) gather to chat about what they have watched, what they have aond and life in general in this mostly media related podcast but with a dash of daily thrown in for good measure.

402 Bullets n Battlefields
22 Jan 2018 @ 06:00 am

In this episode of The Movie Show, Hosts Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob ( @bag0rats ) talk through their Top 5 favourite war movies. Howver things sort of spiral out of control when it comes to narrowing down just 5 films each, so buckle up and hit the throttle and check out this list of war movies that the two hosts have come up with.

401 Lets Give You A List of Movie Recommendations
14 Jan 2018 @ 06:00 am

Bob ( @bag0rats ) & Stuart ( @frompage2screen) go through what they have watched (and Stuart has watched a LOT) and help build up your list of films and shows to watch. Two friends chatting!