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TV Show Review of 2016 - VP028
12 Mar 2017 @ 03:21 am

Welcome to episode 28 of Virtual Pizza, where Phil shares his TV Show highlights from 2016.

Shows discussed include:

The X-files The Night Manager The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story Stranger Things Westworld Versailles War and Peace The Crown Scientology and the Aftermath 60 Days in Jail season 1 Game of Thrones Peaky Blinders Luke Cage Daredevil

Hope you enjoy the show!

Audio Drama Review 2016 - VP027
28 Feb 2017 @ 09:06 am

Welcome to episode 27 of Virtual Pizza, where Phil, Gary (from The Gamesmen RPG podcast) and Jason (from the campsite and The Pilchards & Cream podcast) share their audio drama podcast highlights from 2016.

Shows discussed include:

Life After Big Data Return Home Light of September Uncanny County Cold Reboot King Falls AM Alice isn't dead Within the wires Diane (Twin Peaks podcast) Archive 81 The Deep Vault Small Town Horror The Handmaid's Tale (from Secrets, Crimes & Audiotapes) Becky Shaw (from Secrets, Crimes & Audiotapes) Terms

Hope you enjoy the show!

King Falls AM, News, My Last 3 Slices - VP025
4 Sep 2016 @ 06:05 am

Welcome to episode 25 of Virtual Pizza, I’m Phil Olson and we’ve got an extravaganza of pizza toppings this week!  We have My Last 3 Slices, Loads of entertainment news and my recommendation of the week.           My last 3 slices
  1. Continuing with Netflix exclusive Daredevil - nearly at the end of season 1, fantastic show, violent at times but the characters and plot is gripping.
  2. Finished season 2 of Peaky Blinders, the BBC made drama about the infamous gang who ruled Birmingham in the early 1900s. can’t wait to watch season 3
  3. And I’ve been binge listening to this weeks recommendation, but more on that later
  What last 3 slices of entertainment or media have you been consuming recently? Get in touch and let us all know.   NEWS
  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that martial arts superstar Jackie Chan is set to receive an Honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards on November 12th.
  • Anew trailer has arrived online for director Paolo Sorrentino’s upcoming eight-part TV drama series The Young Pope which stars Jude Law as “the first American Pope” Lenny Belardo, a.k.a. Pius XIII


  • Back in November of last year it was revealed that Kevin Bacon had signed on for a return to the Tremors franchise for a TV adaptation of the cult 1990 horror-comedy, with Bacon also executive producing alongside Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions. Since then we’ve had no further updates on the project, but the actor has now confirmed that the series is moving forward at Amazon Studios.
  • The SUN tabloid is reporting that these are the frontrunners in being cast as the replacement for Daniel Craig as 007:

Idris Elba (Luther)

Michael Fassbender (The Light Between Oceans),

Tom Hiddleston (The Night Manager),

Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy),

Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6) and

Aidan Turner (Poldark)

While producer Barbara Broccoli is also keen on Jamie Bell (Fantastic Four) and James Norton (War & Peace).

  • Couple of new movie trailers that look interesting.  The first is for Netflix produced scoff Arq.  railers Ahead of its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next weekend, a poster and trailer have arrived online for the upcoming sci-fi thriller. The film marks the directorial feature length debut for Orphan Black writer Tony Elliott and stars Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones)


    Arq is set for release on September 16th on Netflix.   The second trailer of note is for the Russian superhero movie Guardians  
  • And finally it t looks like Syfy’s upcoming Superman prequel pilot has found its female lead, with Deadline reporting that British actress Georgina Campbell (After Hours) is set to play Lyta Zod in Krypton.

The potential series from David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) is set on Superman’s home planet and follows his grandfather Seg-El, as he fights to redeem his family’s honour after the Hosue of El is ostracized and shamed.”

Campbell’s Lyta Zod is described as a cadet in Krypton’s military, who has been having a clandestine, forbidden romance with Seg-El.     Recommendation of the Week   This week's recommendation is the wonderful King Falls AM.   King Falls AM is a fictional narrative podcast that centers on a lonely little mountain town's late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar and weird happenings & inhabitants.   Each episode of King Falls AM sees big city radio host Sammy Stevens, joined by Ben Arnold his producer, broadcast in the early hours to the inhabitants of King Falls.  The town appears on the surface to be a normal, picture post card town, but below the still waters there’s a whole host of mysterious and weird happenings.  The show is very tongue in cheek, and though follows a similar format to the hugely successful Welcome to NightVale, is grounded more in reality, but only slightly.   The 2 lead characters build up a genuine chemistry and the strong supporting characters add to the overall feel of a living community, even if they are slightly odd. Sammy is the straight guy in all of this, trying to make sense as an outsider on the events that take place, whilst to everyone else is business as normal.   I’ve been very impressed by this show - funny, addictive and at times surprisingly moving, my other subscribed to podcasts have had to take a back seat whilst I catch up with the 30 or so episodes so far.   King Falls AM can be found on iTunes and other pod catchers. If you give it a listen, please let me know what you think.

29 Aug 2016 @ 04:17 am

Welcome to episode 24 of Virtual Pizza. In this week's episode we have some entertainment news, I explain why I like recommending things to you, the listener, and our recommendation of the week.




  • Iron Man and The Jungle Book director Jon Favreau is set to direct the first episode of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s as-yet-untitled live-action sci-fi comedy-drama for Fox, as well as serving as executive producer on the series.
  • With Red Dwarf XI due to cruise onto UK channel Dave on September 22nd, have released the first trailer for the new series.
  • During the big Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con in July, Marvel screened a short mockumentary from Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, which explained what Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has been up to since Avengers: Age of Ultron, and how he felt about being left out of Marvel’s Civil War.
  • The long awaited movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell has finally made it to the screen


  • The 1974 classic Death Wish is being rebooted, with Eli Roth taking the directors helm and Bruce Willis replacing Bronson as the lead character.  Latest news on the project is that Vincent D’Onofrio is joining the cast. D’Onofrio recently put in scene stealing performances as Daredevil villain Wilson Fisk.
  • The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s 2006 modern mob classic starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg, is coming to TV as a series. The Oscar-winning movie will get a reboot as a crime drama series from Amazon Studios as well as the original film’s producers Vertigo Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group and Plan B Entertainment.
Shannon's Last 3 Slices
  • Gravity Falls

Recommendation of the Week

This week's recommendation of the week is the audio drama The Light Of September.  Brought to us by Radio Static, the story follows the crew of an oceanographic research vessel dealing with the consequences of man’s first ventures into faster than light travel.

The talent in the cast is ridiculous, genre favourites Robert Picardo, Tamsin Grieg, Tuppence Middleton and Sylvester McCoy play lead roles, with sound production and music rivalling any tv show or movie.  Better know as the seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy is hilarious as the foul mouthed, racist engineer, and the plot has quite a few WTF moments!

The series is crowd funded, with the goal to reach 10 episode. Episode 8 has just been released, so it looks like they’re on their way to completing it.  If you support the project, you’ll get a shout out at the end of the new episode. The Light of September can be found on iTunes or any other podcast catcher, and more details on the show can be found at

That's it for this week, see you next time!

21 Aug 2016 @ 04:26 am

Welcome to Episode 23 of Virtual Pizza.   In this episode we cover what I’ve been catching up on, the latest entertainment news and out recommendation of the week, The Message.   WHAT I’VE BEEN WATCHING THIS WEEK
  • Last 2 episodes of Versailles
    • Set against a backdrop of power, love, betrayal and war, Versailles is a unique take on a defining period of French history. The year is 1667 and King Louis XIV, portrayed by George Blagden (Vikings), is a 28-year-old monarch on the cusp of greatness. A ruthless leader, he will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of creating the most beautiful palace in Europe and seizing absolute control of France and his enemies.
  • Catching up with season 1 of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix
  • Ramsey’s Hotel Hell
  • Amazon has officially ordered ten episodes of the Jack Ryan reboot TV series.
  • John Williams is returning to the Star Wars franchise for the eighth time to score 2017’s Star Wars: Episode VIII.
  • Good news for fans of H Division in Whitechapel, Reid and Drake return to the beat for season four of the fantastic Ripper Street on BBC2
  • With Twin Peaks set to return to TV screens next year, co-creator Mark Frost is set to give fans a look at what’s been happening to the characters between the end of the original series and the upcoming revival with The Secret History of Twin Peaks, a new book set for release in October.
  • More details on the upcoming HBO series, Westworld have been released.  Being broadcast in October, the show, based on the 1973 science fiction western-thriller film written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton    about amusement park robots that malfunction and begin killing visitors.  The iconic movie starred Yul Brynner as an android in a futuristic Western-themed amusement park, and Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as guests of the park.  The new show replaces Brynner with Ed Harris, and adds Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden to the mix.
  • Jared Leto has signed on the dotted line to star alongside Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2 for a role that is currently being kept under wraps.
  RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK   The Message   FEEDBACK Feedback on the last show, episode 22 has been amazing.  Thank you everyone for the kind words – special shout outs go to Shannon, Lee, Eric, Robin, Jason and Gary for spreading the Virtual Pizza around on Twitter. And remember, you can follow us on Twitter @virtualpizza.   Jason sent in some podcast recommendations to share with us all – the first is Alice isn’t Dead, from the produces of our favourite Welcome to NightvaleSerialMystery ShowWTF with Mark Maron and friends of Virtual Pizza, The Boss Wave.  All excellent recommendations Jason!   Last week’s recommendation was Uncanny County, and they’ve knocked it out of the park again with the very dark ‘Rainbow Magic Kittens’. Please go and check them out if you haven’t already.   Another quick show, hope you enjoy!

Nuclear War & the BBC, Uncanny County - VP022
14 Aug 2016 @ 04:50 am

News   STAR TREK DISCOVERY   If you haven’t heard, there’s a new Star Trek show coming soon! Titled Star Trek: Discovery, the TV show will be set after Enterprise and ten years before The Original Series, placing it in the original ‘Prime’ continuity rather than the current movie timeline, which is know as Kelvin.       Star Trek: Discovery will air in January 2017, on CBS All Access in the USA and a day later on Netflix here in the UK and across most of the world.    STAR WARS BLURAY SPECIAL EDITION   As a surprise to pretty much no one, there’s now a four-disc 3D collector’s edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens heading into stores before the end of the year. The new set will include all of the bonus features from the disc release earlier this year.

No official UK release date has been announced yet (and we've not found it listed at online stores in the UK), but the new set will start rolling out across Europe from the end of October.

ARRIVAL TEASER TRAILER   I have a new highly anticipated movie of the year. Originally known as Story Of Your Life, Denis Villeneuve’s new sci-fi movie – before he heads off to make Blade Runner 2 – is now going by the name of Arrival and a teaser trailer has just been released.   It stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whittaker and is based on Ted Chiang’s short story. The official synopsis says   When mysterious spacecraft touch down across the globe, an elite team – lead by expert linguist Louise Banks (played by Amy Adams) – are brought together to investigate. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, Banks and the team race against time for answers – and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her life, and quite possibly humanity.   We're promised a full, longer length trailer next week. You can watch the teaser trailer on the Virtual Pizza website, along with all of the notes and links from this week’s show at   BBC WAR ROOM   For the first time, the BBC has given detailed access to the plans it drew up in the Cold War for a Wartime Broadcasting System to operate in the event of nuclear war, this was know as the War book. The War Book reveals a world of meticulous BBC planning. The Wartime Broadcasting System would have operated from 11 protected bunkers spread across the UK.   Recommendation of the week   Whilst I’ve been away I’ve trawled through hundreds of hours of audio drama, some have been ok, some have been bad but there have been a few stand out productions that I’m going to be sharing with you.   The first of which is Uncanny County     That’s it for episode 22, i hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Interview with The Heavenfield author IG Hulme and some recommendations VP021
11 Oct 2015 @ 12:17 pm

In Episode 21 of Virtual Pizza, I interview IG Hulme, author of The Heavenfield, and listener Gary Leavor gives us his recommendations.

News First up, I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of new TV shows on the horizon.     The first is Jessica Jones, an ex superhero turned private eye, solving crimes in Hell’s Kitchen.   This is the second collaboration between Marvel and Netflix, and following the success of DareDevil, this is going to be one to watch.  If you didn’t recognise the voice, it was Dr Who’s David Tennant, who will be playing Kilgrave, Jessica Jones arch nemesis.  All episodes of the new show will be released on Netflix on November 20th.     The second show to highlight is the adaptation of Terry Brooks high fantasy saga, Shannara.  The plot blends magic and primitive technology and is set in the Four Lands, which are identified as Earth long after civilisation was destroyed in a chemical and nuclear holocaust called the Great Wars. The world has reverted to a pre-industrial state and magic has re-emerged to supplement science.   Gary's Recommendations We haven’t heard from friend of the show and The Gamesmen podcast host Gary Leaver for a while, so he kindly sent in some recommendations:   Interview with IG Hulme

The Heavenfield Series are Dark Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels which follow a team of scientists based in a British experimental research laboratory. When their discovery of a new reality they name 'The Heavenfield' comes to the attention of clandestine government organisations and secret fanatical groups, it causes terrible and global repercussions that threaten to bring the world to the brink of destruction.

Originally released as a serialised Podcast, the first novel, 'The Heavenfield', is now available as an Audiobook, eBook and in various Printed Releases

The Dead Man's Feast is the second story in the series, and a third is currently underway.

Ian is running a Patreon campaign to help get The Dead Man's Feast created as an audiobook. He's had amazing support already, but he needs your help to afford him the time to get the audiobook released.

For as little as $2 per month you can become a Patron of the Heavenfield.

As well as supporting the sequel project, depending upon your level of pledge you will get access to some great rewards, including the ongoing audiobook The Diary of Otto Kandinsky.

Check out the Patreon page for more info.

Closing Ok that’s it for another episode of Virtual Pizza, hope you’ve enjoyed it. Thanks to Gary for his recommendations and to IG Hulme for coming on the show.   Remember, if you have anything that you’d like to share with the Virtual Pizza world, drop me an email at  

Virtual Pizza returns, News and a visit to the Arcade Club VP020
19 Sep 2015 @ 11:35 am

It’s great to be back, this is Episode 20 of Virtual Pizza!   In this episode we have the latest TV and Movie news, a 'Last 3 Slices' from listener Jason Johnson and a report from a visit to The Arcade Club in Lancashire with The Veteran Gamers.   News
  • The release date for Star Trek Beyond has been moved from July 8th 2016 to July 22nd.
  • It’s rumoured that Emily Blunt is to star in the title role in a new version of Mary Poppins, with Rob Marshall linked to the project
  • Bryan Singer is taking a break from the X-Men franchise to direct a new version of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Mark Wahlberg looks set to return from Transformers 5
  • Despite claims that Pacific Rim 2 has been canned, Guillermo Del Toro still says he’s working on a sequel to the 2013 monsters vs giant robots movie. Personally I’d prefer it if he started work on Hell Boy 3!
  • The latest trailer for Creed has been released, telling the tale of young boxer growing up in the shadow of his father, the great Apollo Creed and taken under the wing of the legendary Rocky Balboa





  • Stephen King’s The Mist is being brought to the screen in a new adaptation, this time for TV





The Arcade Club In March, the Veteran Gamers organised a meet up at The Arcade Club in Lancashire - fantastic day out with hundreds of retro arcade games!   Closing Comments Thanks to Jason Johnson for his last 3 slices, you the listener and the podcasting community for the encouragement to get back behind the mic.   I’ve got some great interviews and content coming up over the next few episodes, and please let me know if there’s anything you want to hear covered, or if you have a recommendation that you’d like to share. All the details are at

YAP Audio, Movies into TV Shows and News - VP019
23 Aug 2014 @ 04:24 am

Welcome back to Virtual Pizza, the show where we devour the digital world, one slice at a time.

News 10-20 years ago, Hollywood were desperately trying to make films out of TV Shows (Mission Impossible, Charlies Angels, The Saint and The Fugitive). Now the tables have flipped and with the huge success of shows like Hannibal, Fargo and Bates Motel, the new trend of turning movies into TV shows continues with recent announcements  that Scream, Westworld and The Devil’s Advocate are following suit. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, who are redeveloping the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report.  News that Matthew McConaughy is being courted for Josh Boone’s remake of the Stephen King miniseries The Stand. Favourite time of year with new shows starting after the summer break. Homeland returns with its 4th season, where I’m hoping that we can finally move on from the whole Brody issue

Syfy has recently released  first look at its zombie TV series Z Nation. From the trailer, it looks like the plot will revolve around the attempt to deliver the one man famed for surviving a zombie bite to the authorities. Theres been some welcome 2nd season Renewal news for Del Toro’s disease-slash-vampire show the Strain, Damen Lindelhof’s rapture-based The Leftovers and after just 2 episodes, the time traveller-slash-highlander saga, Outlander Finally, the BBC has reported that when a Doctor Who fan created his own unofficial title sequence for the show and put it on YouTube, the producers saw it and liked it so much that they decided to use it for the new series, which begins on the 23rd August

Interview with Matthew and Robert from YAP Audio.

And that brings us to the recommendation of the week, which is no surprise, its the excellent Aftermath Shout outs All the podcasters I met at UKPOD14 last weekend - they’ve inspired and encouraged me to get back behind the mic.  I’ll hopefully be bringing some of them onto Virtual Pizza in the future 

Downton, The Terminator and Animal Zombies - VP018
26 Mar 2014 @ 08:05 am

Fantastic show this week with entertainment news, the recommendation of the week which is a graphic novel, new feature movie trailer spotlight, community feedback and some last slices

  • Downton Abbey meets Star Wars
  • Fox News Oklahoma City affiliate accidentally cuts 'evolution' out of Cosmos
  • Vikings renewed for season 3
  • Indiana Jones may be recast
  • Arnie explains why his Terminator will have aged in the new movie
Recommendation of the Week


The Other Dead, written by Kevin Eastman, Joshua Ortega, Digger T Mesch and art by rising star Qing Ping Mui is a zombie themed graphic novel with a difference.  It's published by IDW Publishing.

I'm sure most of you are starting to get that slow burning feeling. like heartburn, when you hear of another zombie themed product. Whether games, TV shows and movies, books or anything else for that matter, few stand out as supreme (such as The Walking dead and We're Alive), the rest feel like they're just jumping on the band wagon.

So it was with some dread that I opened up 'The Other Dead', expecting the usual 'running from zombies' tale.

The scene is set in the prologue, where a party of hunters in Texas, after shooting dead a deer, are attacked seconds later by the zombified corpse of said deer.  Yes, that's right, in this zombie universe, it's not the humans who come back from the dead, but animals!

The comic follows a group of teens escaping from a menagerie of undead animals and they're later joined in their flight by a very high profile political leader. This could be seen as a gimmick, where one isn't really needed when this zombie animal genre hasn't been covered before, but that gripe was put to the back of my mind when I saw images of the first black commander in chief blasting a zombified wolf with a shotgun!

Qing Ping Mui's artwork is bloody gory, definitely for adult audiences but some of the single page illustrations are astounding. One particular that stands out for me is the interior of a van full of zombie dogs.  The detail and colouring was superb.  The plot and dialogue is frenetic, with some tongue in cheek, over the top scenes that will have you grinning.

In summary, The Other Dead is a refreshing take on the zombie genre, not very deep but very enjoyable.  The first trade book containing issues 1 to 5 is out on April 29th, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future issues.

Trailer Spotlight

Ok, this week's trailer spotlight is for the new Tom Cruise sci-fi epic, Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is due for release at the end of May 2014.


We had some great feedback from the Gamesmen podcast!

Also, I want to hear from you, especially if you're not in the UK or US.  We have listeners across the world, from Ohio in the US, Seoul in South Korea, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany to New South Wales in Australia.

I'd always thought my geography was good, but I'm afraid I had to google the Aland Islands - for your info Åland consists of 6,757 islands situated midway between Sweden and Finland. Although the people of Åland speak Swedish, this autonomous territory is part of Finland.  

If you're listening from the Alan Islands, please get in touch, I'd really like to hear from you!