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The Attaboy Clarence Christmas Special 2017
23 Dec 2017 @ 02:50 am

It's the Attaboy Clarence Christmas Special for 2017, featuring...

Gene Autry, Janet Leigh, Robert Mitchum, Greer Garson, Brook Darnell, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson, a very old-time radio version of the nativity, the Christmas Pot, Sookie, Frank Sinatra, and of course, YOU the listeners!

Episode 81: What, Ho!
11 Dec 2017 @ 09:32 am


In this episode...

Hear all about the BFI meetup! 

Sing-along with a classic calypso melody!

And brace yourself for a... brace of reviews... 1937's 'Think Fast, Mr Moto', starring Peter Lorre, an Austro-Hungarian, playing a Japanese secret agent, disguised as an Egyptian... or something, plus  a very early big-screen outing for P.G. Wodehouse's inimitable duo, Jeeves & Wooster, in 1936's Thank You, Jeeves'... but is it worth your time?

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Episode 80: My Fair Girl
15 Nov 2017 @ 04:48 am


In this, the OAK Anniversary episode, we'll hear music from George Formby and Doris Day, PLUS...

A chat with Secret History Of Hollywood researcher, Brook Darnell...

Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend has even the great Orson Welles stumped...

It's the Christmas season, so get those greetings in for the Festive Special...

Listeners have been in touch with all kinds of messages, including a cinema that needs rescuing and a serial killer's head!

Plus, reviews of two movies featuring a very early Audrey Hepburn, 1951's 'One Wild Oat, and 1952's 'Secret People'...

Radio entertainment this week is very unorthodox...

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Episode 79: Time To Kill
3 Oct 2017 @ 01:45 am


In this week's show...

EMAILS from a nostalgic film lover, a Swedish girl with great taste, an almost-murder victim, and a PR guru who hasn't done her research...

MUSIC from The Andrews Sisters, Ray Noble and Billie Holiday...

NEWS of Film Festivals and Film Screenings...

DISGUISES courtesy of 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'...

SOOKIE has a grand idea...

...and REVIEWS of two macabre classics: the fiendish 'The Three Weird Sisters' from 1948, and the time-travelling noir thriller, 'Repeat Performance' from 1947...

Radio entertainment comes this week from Suspense...

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Episode 78: Revenge Of The Klaxon
21 Sep 2017 @ 12:22 pm


Attaboy Clarence returns with exciting news of BBC Old-Time Radio treats!


There's a dangerously BREATHTAKING ad for Dentine...

THANK YOUS to fling around!

MUSIC from Hoagy Carmichael and Cole Porter!

And MENU RECOMMENDATIONS to go with the two movies I've chosen for you this week...

Murderous brothers can't keep a maid hidden in Fritz Lang's 1950 gothic noir, 'House By The River', and sexism runs rampant in 1939's 'Day-Time Wife', a film that's shocking for all the wrong reasons!

Radio entertainment for this week comes courtesy of the Hollywood Star Time show.

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Episode 77.5 - My Kingdom For A Dram!
26 Aug 2017 @ 07:34 am


The show is on a temporary break (the school holidays are punishing!), but I just couldn't resist dropping in with an episode to keep you going! 

This slightly diet-edition version of the normal show features reviews of two classics, 1949's 'Whisky Galore' from Ealing, and 1958's 'Indiscreet', starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.

Also, I'll be giving you a very brief slice of Hollywood history, a whistle-stop story about a very famous screen credit...

Radio entertainment comes this week from Lux Radio Theatre

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Episode 77: Cary Grant-arama
3 Aug 2017 @ 01:00 am

In this week's show...

A new radio star has been born! (literally... I have proof!)

Who knew that boys toys could be for girls, too?

Someone's been visiting another podcast to talk about stuff. See if you can guess who...?

Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend will be over in a flash, so get your answers ready!

The Question Pot throws up all sorts of queries!

There's music from Cliff Edwards, Judy Garland, and the one and only Mr. George Formby!

PLUS reviews of two movies starring the inimitable Mr. Cary Grant. One is perhaps the romantic movie ever made (and reviewed in the most shamelessly romantic way possible), and the other features our hero as courtesan to a teenage girl (although it's not as weird as it sounds...)

It's all here as we embark upon Episode 77 of Attaboy Clarence!

Radio entertainment this week comes courtesy of the Lux Radio Theatre.

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Episode 76: Brave Men
12 Jul 2017 @ 08:16 am

In this week's episode, we'll be flinging around a few birthday wishes, PLUS...

REVEALED! The winner of the James Cagney competition...

REVIEWS! Three more classic movies to enjoy, including Joan Blondell in a battle of the sexes (1935's Traveling Saleslady), Jon Pertwee in a murder-mystery-vaudeville-comedy-thriller (1949's Murder At The Windmill), and the first screen role for Fred Astaire (1933's Dancing Lady)

There's MUSIC from Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, and a very, VERY unusual blast from Adam's past...

PLUS another new competition that'll give one lucky winner a chance to own an instant bundle of RKO B-Movie classics!

Radio entertainment this week comes from the Screen DIrector's Playhouse

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Episode 75: In A Windblown Sort Of Way
27 Jun 2017 @ 11:23 am

It's a hat-tastic return to your ears as Episode 75 comes to town!

Featuring gorgeous music from Glenn Miller and Dinah Shore...

Plus... more 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'

More questions from the Question Pot!

Reviews of two classic movies... 1939's 'The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell', the 20th Century Fox biopic that makes wiring exciting, and 1948's 'A Foreign Affair', Billy Wilder's acidic swipe at wartime morale.

And as if that wasn't enough, there's a humdinger of a James Cagney competition for you to enter...

Radio entertainment this week comes from the Screen Director's Playhouse.

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Episode 74: Chicken Soup
5 Jun 2017 @ 11:39 am

This week, hear all about the wonderful thing that "SCIENCE" discovered lately...

There's some classic MUSIC from Johnny Mercer, Bing Crosby and Bea Wain...

'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?' RETURNS with a new mystery to solve...

Find out who's won the VAL LEWTON competition...

Plus reviews of two movie favourites, the James Cagney & Pat O'Brien comic drama 'Ceiling Zero', and the scintillating 'The Farmer's Daughter' starring Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten.

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