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F1 Debrief - Long live F1!
23 Jan 2017 @ 10:26 am

It's the first Debrief of 2017, and what better topic to be discussing than the change of leadership for the commercial side of Formula One. Bernie Ecclestone is stepping aside at long last and letting someone else take control of the sport we know and mostly love.

On this show, we are joined by the marvellous Adam Barton to discuss all things Liberty, including the Snapchat generation, what the new bosses first job should be, and whether we'll see a Ferrari reunion in the paddock.

We also talk about the opportunities for new circuit deals, whether Bernie leaves behind him a positive or negative legacy, and how much you can change, how quickly? Finally, we touch on F1's problem of selling itself, and what age you need to be to lead from the top. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts about Bernie's exit, using the link below.

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F1 party snacks to send off Bernie

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F1 Debrief - He can just write his name in the history book and walk away
16 Dec 2016 @ 10:50 am

It's been a while since there was some sincerely shocking F1 news that made you sit up in your seat and do a double take. With Rosberg's retirement, it's only natural we took time out to talk about it, so coming up on this show, we accept the challenge of a listener, ponder outside bets for Mercedes, and the possibility of a fabulous 2017.

We've got a handful of voicemails from lovely listeners, sharing their thoughts on the Rosberg situation, and along the way we chat about whether Nico is a classy driver, what effect Bottas has had on Williams, and who is bottom of the Mercedes list.

We also chat about the 2016 season and discuss whether it was a classic or not, and pick the right time to hear those fantastic soap opera cliffhanger drums.

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Rosberg and his trophy
Credit: Daimler AG

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An Aside with Joe - You want something, you go get it
24 Nov 2016 @ 08:43 am

Back home following F1's impressive outing in Brazil, intrepid globetrotter Joe Saward checks in to ponder all the comings and all the goings within the sport. From the quest for an epic TV showdown, to finding the right person to run McLaren and all points in between, we present this packed podcast to take you to the grand finale in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Topics for consideration include speculation about who might fill the final three seats, the supreme talents doing amazing stuff, the future of the Malaysian GP and why a 40 minute race makes sense. There is discussion of the quarrels between Felipe Nasr and Sauber, an episodic title fight, riding a rocketship to the moon and alternate careers for a motor racing scribe.

Attention turns to conflicts of interest and a personal sense of morality, the negotiations surrounding Singapore and Brazil, Pascal Wehrlein's attitude problem and the benefits of balancing performance levels. Joe takes a shot at explaining F1's complicated prize fund model, considers his 500 race milestone and applauds the performance of Esteban Ocon.

Finally, we've being doing these shows for so long, it turns out we can finish each other's sentences. As ever enjoy another timely edition of An Aside with Joe.

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F1 Debrief - We want them exploding in fury
11 Nov 2016 @ 11:38 am

On this show we discuss robot drivers, genius suggestions, and get replaced by a better podcaster. Two of our favourite people have been talking about similar topics to do with F1, so we thought we'd get in on the act. Following on from a fabulous guest spot by Giggles, we discuss what F1 is missing at the moment and how we can get it back.

From the arrival of Mercedes and the departure of one Flavio Briatore, to the increasing zen-like state of Lewis Hamilton, we cover a wide array of topics in our search for personality. Naturally, when talking about something like F1, we go round and round in circles, but eventually find our way out to something of a conclusion.

With Verstappen as everybody's driver of the day, Gutiérrez getting a famous phone call, and that infamous F1 driver Charlie Whiting, there's plenty to listen out for in the latest edition of F1 Debrief.

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Drivers and Charlie Whiting take part in an F1 press conference

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An Aside with Joe - Literally being dull in four languages
6 Nov 2016 @ 03:05 am

Two races from the end of the Formula 1 season, we grab Joe for a quick chat to discuss 2016's imminent conclusion. Before we cover what might yet happen, we look back on what did go down in Mexico, on the judgement calls that had to be made, the shortcut that probably wasn't and listening to radio messages in context.

We also talk propaganda versus proper filming, Vettel's whole new level of desperation, living life with two dogs on a red jet and just letting drivers be themselves. Conversation turns to what Ross Brawn is up to, Hamilton's press conference banter, the role of modern day journalism and the future of Autosport magazine.

With Audi pulling out of the WEC Joe presumes there's more to it than meets the eye, additionally we cover all new electric rallycross, a familiar face in Call of Duty, who's hiding behind a hedge in Switzerland and why Niki Lauda is the Yoda of F1.

All this plus championship predictions and more in the latest Aside with Joe.

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F1 Debrief - The man's a walking cliché
8 Oct 2016 @ 12:02 pm

F1 Debrief makes a welcome and musical return to talk about all things lyrical. This week we're discussing the curious case of the missing McLarens, the prancing horse with no name and why some drivers are just phoning it in.

As the Circuit of the Americas asked almost all of the drivers to provide their favourite music under a set of very specific circumstances, we decided to pass judgement on the final selections and provide some thoughts of our own. Who is looking a little bit emotional on their road trip? And who has a bizarre selection of songs to flick between?

Of course, it's only fair for us to share our own musical selections as well, and that creates plenty of discussion in and of itself. If you've been paying attention to the COTA's efforts or are inspired by this episode, share your own playlists for the open road.

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Sidepodcast image
Credit: Daimler AG

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An Aside with Joe - I think, they think, they've got a plan
25 Sep 2016 @ 04:00 am

With the sport turned on its head following news of Liberty Media's takeover, we track down Joe between long haul flights to grab his thoughts on all matters Formula 1.

We discuss who's been wandering around as if they own the place, saying goodbye to a ghastly bunch of people and why working together makes things better. Plus there's talk about pushing revenue upwards, the demolition of pay television and squeezing just a few more races into the calendar.

On the driver front we cover the spare seat at Williams, spinning and mistranslating Verstappen's words, selecting a factory team to move up the grid and the upsides of being excitable by nature. Chatter turns to how the Financial Times backed themselves into a story about Apple and McLaren, Sauber's now reachable target, the next generation of Nascar drivers and who's going where in IndyCar next year.

Finally, there's time for a little glamour as we talk about bringing racing to the masses through the medium of dance and which F1 drivers could win the glitter ball trophy on the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom.

Enjoy this latest instalment of an Aside with Joe.

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An Aside with Joe - They seem to take viciousness to a higher level
9 Jun 2016 @ 08:35 am

The championship battle is hotting up and with the always dramatic Canadian Grand Prix around the corner, Joe Saward drops a new mic into the F1 discussion.

On the agenda today, we talk about a very big deal in Montreal and the polite way to handle an embargo, an FIA licence for everyone, plus driver lock-in clauses and why the market currently depends on Räikkönen.

In this hour long show, there's plenty of time to cover the point of no return for 2017 development, why F1 must retain a sense of heroism, taking TV coverage to new heights with drone technology and the future of car ownership and its knock-on effect on racing.

If that wasn't enough, conversation turns to the marketing value of drivers, taking a closer look at next year's Pirelli rubber, the difficulty in curating historical documents and what it takes to become an F1 commentator today.

Plus after seven years and 70 shows, Joe forgets the name of the podcast. You won't want to be missing this brand new Aside with Joe.

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An Aside with Joe - That's the thing that goes bang-pop, bang-pop
7 May 2016 @ 01:45 am

In a short break between the opening races and the start of the European season, Joe catches up on all the comings and the goings within the F1 bubble.

Four races and an entire qualifying format have come and gone since we last talked, so there are plenty to consider. We discuss the spectacular racing in the midfield, sinking an axe into the back of Jenson Button, Formula 1 taking a more positive stance and how drivers lose pace with age.

There is talk of the mad axemen of Red Bull, the solid progress of Jolyon Palmer and racing around Paris without making a noise. Plus, that one day in Spain that's still a complete mystery.

Joe talks up why we're getting to a point where pressure is being applied, rule number one when it comes to convergence, Grosjean's blinding season and putting content behind a paywall that no-one is buying.

This and more in a shorter than usual Aside with Joe.

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F1 Debrief - Do we have any feedback on this?
7 Mar 2016 @ 07:50 am

After just one show, the feedback came flooding in, so here we are with a collection of emails, tweets and voicemails to discuss the change to the qualifying format as well as Red Bull's paint job, Kimi Räikkönen's answer to everything and taking the first step on the journey to better head protection.

Steven calls in with a view on many different subjects, including a quick rant at those teams that choose testing liveries and then ruin them when they go racing. He also reviews the highs and lows from testing and makes a couple of sneaky predictions.

We also talk about the tyre deflating idea and ponder why Romain Grosjean has gotten into trouble this time. All that and more on this show, and don't forget you can have your name up in lights by sending in some feedback of your own!

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Vettel peers around the halo protection device
Vettel peers around the halo protection deviceCredit: Ferrari S.p.A.

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