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Idyllic Music #201 - The Quiet Mind
30 Sep 2017 @ 06:00 am

This week, we'll look to quiet the mind. It's a defense mechanism really as we try to cope with a world that has seemingly sped up beyond our capacity to keep up. The stress and anxiety it creates is often covered over by the cacaphony that is 21st century life.

Idyllic Music #200 - Best of Mix - Organic Electronic Music
3 May 2017 @ 06:00 am

This week, on the 200th episode of Idyllic Music, regular listeners of this podcast will find another best of mix unencumbered by the usual patter so that you can burn them directly to the blank CD of your choice. We have a podcast mp3 file of nearly 60 minutes worth of the best music featured over the past years.

Idyllic Music #199 - Headphone Electronica
19 Aug 2016 @ 02:00 am

This week, it's headphone electronica. Music created with the meticulous detail that only listening through headphones can reveal. It's electronica mixed, produced and, ultimately, consumed by people wearing headphones. It's created by indie musicians working with twenty first century tools to create, edit and sometimes perform their work. Headphone electronica isn't for dancing yet it can be danceable rather it is for focusing or letting your mind drift.

Idyllic Music #198 - A Life at Sea
2 Jul 2016 @ 09:00 am

This week we'll examine a life at sea. Joseph Conrad wrote that "There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting and enslaving." More troubling is what lies beneath the swells and awful stirrings of what Melville called the "hidden soul beneath. Hoisting the main sail for us on the episode of Idyllic Music are Band of Mad Women, IOTA, MMPSUF, Sleepy Town Manufacture, beat.dowsing and Leon Somov.

Idyllic Music #197 - Harmonics
25 May 2016 @ 09:00 am

This week, we'll listen for harmonics. We mostly think of harmonics as an element of music but there is a more fundamental physical quality underneath it all. Wave patterns are all around us. We know its how sound and light move and that changes in these wave can influence our perceptions and moods. Checking the frequency with us on this episode of Idyllic Music are Sleepy Koala, Garaz, Dlay, MindsEye, Cutside and DU3normal. I'm Jim Nye.

Idyllic Music #196 - Empathy
27 Mar 2016 @ 09:00 am

This week, we'll try a little empathy. The ability to understand and share another person's feelings, experiences and emotions. It is a power sorely missed these days. Research seem to suggest there is a genetic basis to empathy, that some individuals are more prone to perspective taking. Now would be a good time to step up in the face of intolerance. Joining us on this episode of Idyllic Music are Ink Project, Planet B, Dan West, Lunascape, The Silk Demise, Tracing Arcs and Filafi. I'm Jim Nye.

Idyllic Music #195 - Number 10
4 Feb 2016 @ 08:00 am

This episode of Idyllic Music is brought to you by the number ten. It sits comfortably between nine and eleven, matches our fingers quite nicely and is the base for the decimal system nearly everyone uses every day. And as it happens, this is also our tenth anniversary. Ten years of podcasting independent downtempo electronica. I can't say enough about the great artists that have allowed us to showcase their music. Happily, there is still alot more music out there waiting to be discovered. Counting it out for us are Ketsa, Navasa, Marque and Reprisal, Kirk Pearson and BIT, Vir Nocturna, Dissolved and Nonima. I'm Jim Nye.

Idyllic Music #194 - Winter
8 Dec 2015 @ 08:00 am

This week, we'll look at the final season, the end of the cycle, of winters past and cold. It's a time many of us would like to hold up in bed for the duration, with it's shortened days and cold nights. Winter is a time for putting your head down and plowing ahead reassured by the certainty that this too shall pass. Our musical sweaters on this episode of Idyllic Music are Hungry Lucy, Winterstrand, Sara Grey, Mystral and Gorowski. I'm Jim Nye.

Idyllic Music #193 - After a Relationship Ends
21 Oct 2015 @ 09:00 am

This week, we'll look at the effort it takes to pull yourself together after a relationship ends. Some seek sympathetic ears while other withdraw into solitude. We'll hear just what it takes from General Fuzz, Kognitif, BASIC, The Ganzfeld Effect, and Reflection. I'm Jim Nye.

Idyllic Music #192 - Regrets and Reconciliation
3 Sep 2015 @ 09:00 am

This week, it's regrets and reconciliation. Regrets? I've had a few but by and large, I've moved on. It seems a measure of success by how little regret we take to our graves. The trick, of course, is in deciding how much of your personal past you are willing to overlook. Making that judgment on this episode of Idyllic Music are We came as Strangers, Surek, Vienna Ditto, Knoto, Zebrat, and Helicalin. I'm Jim Nye.