About FeedMe!

FeedMe! is the new utility at BritCaster which enables you to create a personal, customised RSS feed containing only successful search results for a particular word or phrase.

FeedMe! works by searching for your word or phrase within all the show notes and podcast episode titles currently within our database - which holds the most recent ten episodes of each registered UK podcast.

Using FeedMe!
Anyone can use FeedMe!, there is no need to register or log in.
To search for a particular term, simply enter http://britcaster.com/feedme/searchterm (where the word 'searchterm' is replaced by whatever you wish to search for.
Try these examples:

Once you have generated your unique FeedMe! RSS, it will be available to you at any time, updated every hour so you can keep an eye out for new podcasts about your chosen subject.
FeedMe! searches only the podcast title and show notes, not the audio or video content itself at this time.